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Xlemoutsi Castle

    In the 13thth century, Geoffrey I of Villehardouin (Geoffroi I de Villehardouin), was appointed by the Pope Innocent III as one of the “Princes of Achaea” in Morea. It was he who decided and completed the construction of the Castle at Chlemoutsi, in order to control the region. In fact, in order to complete it he confiscated the incomes of the Latin clergy, provoking the wrath of the Pope who excommunicated him. The issue was resolved with the completion of the castle when Geoffrey received forgiveness for the "hubris", managing to convince the Pope for its necessity. The “Castel Tornese”, as it is also known, was one of the most important castles of the Principality of Achaea and one of the most impressive castles of the Peloponnese. Chlemoutsi, located in the village of Kastro, built on the top of a hill, dominated the valley of Elis region and protected Andravida, the capital of the Principality, as well as the important port of Glarentza.


    • 1220-1223 AD: The castle is built
    • 1315 AD: Ferdinand of Majorca. Margaret of Villehardouin (Akova) is imprisoned
    • 1315 AD: Ferdinand of Majorca. Margaret of Villehardouin (Akova) is imprisoned
    • 1364 AD: Mary Bourbon, wife of Robert II of Taranto
    • 1391 AD: The Navarese Company of Pedro de San Superano, Commander Barth de Bouvin
    • 1404 AD: Carlo II Tocco and Leonardo II Tocco
    • 1427 AD: Constantine XI Palaiologos
    • 1431 AD: The walls are knocked down
    • 1432 AD: Thomas Palaiologos
    • 1460 AD: Turkish rule
    • 1471 AD: Venetian rule
    • 1471 AD: Venetian rule
    • 1687-1715 AD: B’ Venetian rule
    • 1715-1821 AD: B’ Turkish rule
    • 1826 AD: Ibrahim bombs the castle

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