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Astros Castle

    In the top of the hill above Paralion Astros, we find the “Castello della estella”, an indefatigable guard of the Gulf of Argolis and Myrtoan Sea, the Castle of “Zafeiropoulos”. This southern top is the so called “Island”. The castle of Paralion Astros, as it is its name, is a medieval fortress, which progressively developed in an of distinguished importance defensive complex.

    , cited by Pausanias. There, on 546 B.C., it was held the most important battle between Argives and Lacedaemonians, which was about the controversial subject of sovereignty in Cynuria. It was named also the


    • 1821 AD: Zafeiropoulos brothers (Konstantinos, Ioannis, Panagiotis)
    • 1826/8/4 AD: Ibrahim Pasha, alongside 1200 soliders
    • 1823/3/29 AD: Second National Assembly at Astros – Petros Mavromichalis -Revision of the Constitution of Epidaurus

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