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Palamidi Castle

    The fortress of Palamidi, on the 216-meter high hill with the same name, was built by the Venetians, during their second occupation of the area (1686-1715) and is a typical example of the Venetian defensive architecture.

    The fortress was built within the record time of 3 years (1711-1714), in the time of the General Proveditor of the Venetian Fleet Augoustino Sagredo and was based on the plans of the engineers Giaxich and Lasalle. The fortress has eight bastions, which were reinforced during the second Ottoman occupation (1715-1822). Their names changed depending on the occupant of the castle. On November 29th 1822, Staikos Staikopoulos with Moschonissiotis managed to occupy Palamidi and subsequently released the city of Nafplio. After the liberation, Palamidi functioned as a prison, where Theodoros Kolokotronis was incarcerated. 

    Apart from the bastions, someone will admire the small church of Saint Andreas, closely connected to the liberation of the city. The castle can be reached either by car from the east or via the western winding stair; the latter is said to have 999 steps.


    • Prehistoric times: Walls of Palamedi
    • Mycenean times:
    • Up to 7th century BC:
    • 7th century BC:
    • Hellenistic fortifications
    • 395-1210 BD: Byzantines
    • 6th -9th century AD: new Nauplio is built
    • 1180 AD: Theodore Sgouros
    • 1199 AD: Alexios the 3rd
    • 1203 AD: Leon Sgouros
    • 1204 AD: The Franks attack (Boniface of Montferrat-Geoffroy de Villehardouin-William de Champlitte)
    • 1210-1377 AD: Frankish rule
    • 1212 AD: Otto de la Roche
    • 1311-1333 AD: Catalan Company (Duke Walter Brienne)
    • 1377 AD:
    • 1389-1540 AD: A’ Venetian rule
    • 1540-1686 AD: A’ Turkish rule
    • 1686-1715 AD: B’ Venetian rule
    • 1700: La Salle, Levasseur
    • 1701-1704: Daniele Dolfin
    • 1706: Grimani as Provveditore Generale
    • 1708: The Venetians carry out their plans on the Palamidi
    • 1711-1714 AD:
    • 1694 AD: Morosini dies
    • 1715-1821 AD: B’ Turkish rule
    • 27/11/1822
    • 1923
    • 1829-1834 AD:
    • 1833 AD: Otto
    • 1833 AD:
    • 1/2-8/4/1862

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